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4 & 5 Axes CNC Machining Center


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  • Full guarding with screw type chip conveyor and backward flushing.
  • Rotary head with spindle tilting angle ±90°, min indexing unit 0.001°, working torque 450mm, spindle 25KW.
  • CNC rotary table φ600mm, 2000rpm, min 0.001 degree.



Aluminum Wheel

Type Linear guideway 4.5 axis
Rotary head with spindle Tilting ±90° / 10000rpm
Rotary horizontal table Ø600 / max speed 11.11rpm
XYZ travel 1500 / 720 / Z 785mm
Spindle power 25kw
Spindle taper Bt / Din / Cat / Bbt / Hsk40
Ballscrew size Ø40-p10 C3 class
Table max loading 600kgs
ATC Arm type 24 tools
XYZ positioning accuracy ±0.01mm
XYZ repeatabillity accuracy ±0.03mm
Machine size 5145x3225x3140mm
Machine weight 9500kgs
  • Full guarding with chain type auger
  • Rotary head with spindle, microlab
  • Rotary head with spindle(with b axis rotary head)indexing accurary: ±8 arc-sec/repeatability accuracy±3 arc-sec
  • Rotary head with spindle dim: φ65,10000rpm,4pcs bearing,grab by gripper
  • Rotaryhead with spindle with surrounding coolant, bt/cat/din specification
  • Rotary head with spindle tilting angle: ±90°//min indexing 0.001°
  • CNC rotary table for horizontal gsa hrt 500bfy
  • CNC rotary table: t slot5*18*65
  • CNC rotary table: repeatility of unidirection 2"/indexing accuracy 15"
  • Diameter of center-hole φ50 h7 deep 10mm
  • CNC rotary table diameter of table φ600
  • CNC rotary table max rotation speed (motor 2000 rpm) 11.1rpm
  • CNC rotary table min increment 0.001°
  • CNC rotary table hydraulic system 35kg/cm2
  • CNC rotary table loading: 600kgs
  • Atc: #40arm type 24 tools
  • Coolant system with warlus pump 2t3-1
  • Auto lubricator with cen01-2l pump
  • XYZ coupling drive
  • Counter balance
  • With 3t drawbar
  • With basic pneumatic system
  • Ballscrew: hiwin or pmi ballscrew p10 c3 φ40
  • Linear guideway:hiwin roller type p grade block45mm
  • Linear guidewayx: rgh45ca 2 slide 6 block //y: rgw45cc 2 slide 4 block and 1 support 3ohc //z: rgw45cc 2 slide and 4 block
  • With spin window
  • Controller: siemens 828d xy: 1fk7101-2af71-1rg1 z: 1fk7101-2af71-1rh1 a/c: 1fk7101-2af71-1rg1 10.4"lcd
  • Oil skimmer
  • Tool length measurement
  • Transformer
  • Tool measurement